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Friday, Nov. 12, 2004 - 10:17 a.m.


I think writing the first entry on my blog will probably be the most difficult. At first I really wasn't into this whole crazy, blogging thing that all the cool kids are doing. First of all, I really don't have a very interesting life to blog about. I'm not a closet cross-dresser, or a sex fiend (well, ok...I AM that), but you get the picture. I'm not a really exciting person. I used to be, but I'll get more into that in later entries. I started reading my friend's blog, Webmiztris, and from there starting reading other peoples blogs. I thought, "Hey, I'm just as exciting as these people. I'll give this blogging a try." The thing is, I'm the type of person who will get upset if people are mean to me on here, so please be gentle until I get used to this. I'm a blog virgin.

Anyway, a little about me. I'm a single mom, with a one-year-old daughter. I go to work every day, come home and take care of her. Whoopie! I know you're thinking I'm NEVER going to come back to this blog. Trust me...it gets better. I've done a lot of interesting things in my life and had a lot of interesting experiences. But I'll leave it at that for now.

I guess that's it. Entry #1. Comment away...but please be gentle. Thanks! :-)


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