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Is that a Viagra in Your Pocket?

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2004 - 9:43 p.m.

I watched on the news this evening about this pharmacist who refuses to fill prescriptions to women for their birth control pills. He says that itís against his religion. Now correct me if Iím wrong, but if the doctor writes you a prescription, itís not the pharmacistís job to make a judgment on morality. Just fill the damn prescription! Itís not like she had a gun to his head asking for Oxycontin. This right-wing morality shit is getting ridiculous.

ďNow Ms. Smith, I see here that you would like to buy some KY Jelly. Now before I sell this to you, I must ask you a few questions. Will this be used for some sort of self-pleasuring activity? Because if so, I cannot sell this to you, due to the fact that self- stimulation is amoral and you will go to hell for it."
"Will it be used to fornicate out of wedlock? Oh, again, Iím sorry. I cannot sell it to you. Sexual relations are to be done by a man and a woman joined in the holy bond of marriage for the sole purpose of procreation. Now go home and repent for your sins.Ē

What is the freaking world coming to? Why do health insurance plans pay for Viagra and not for birth control pills? What that implies is that itís more important to pay for a man to get his dick hard, than to pay for a woman who is trying to be responsible and use contraception. Do the insurance company executives sit around and have a conversation? ďA man needs to get a hard-on to feel manly. We HAVE to pay for Viagra.Ē

Stupid white male Republican executives. So ends my rant for the day. :)


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