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I Spit in Your Eye

Wednesday, Jan. 05, 2005 - 1:38 p.m.

Thanks everyone for your advice on the job hunt! I think that Im going to send out a few resumes to jobs that interest me on Monster and see what happens.

I thought I would try a new girly layout. What do you think? Im in this pin-up girl phase, so I thought I would do a pin-up girl theme. Let me know if you think I need to add or change anything. Is there something that you would like to see that isnt on here? I tried to make one of the favicon that shows up with my URL, but its coming up as a bunch of random dots in my browser. Is anyone seeing it ok or is it a bunch of dots for you too?

Random Memory

I can remember this incident from middle school, and I remember being so mortified. I was a complete dork in middle school. I was the height that I am now.about 57, probably weighed about 80 pounds, had frizzy, over-permed, over-styled hair, wore big, pink 80s glasses, braces, had zits and a unibrow. I was sexy hot!! Plus, I was painfully shy. More than anything I wanted to be one of the cool girls. They always seemed to have perfect Farrah Fawcett hair and no pimples. They also had the cute, football player boyfriends.

There was this one boy, who lived in my neighborhood, who I thought was sooooo cute! He was Greek, so he had olive skin and black curly hair, was a few years older and was in the cool group. He rode the same bus to school as me. One spring day on the way home from school, everyone on the bus had their windows down. It was one of those days when it just starts getting nice out again, and everyone is enjoying the fresh air. Well, cute boy is sitting in the window seat on the bus in front of me. Im in the window seat one row behind him.

Now, I should mention, I live in hickville, so its nothing for boys in my hometown to chew tobacco. Cute boy was one of those boys. Hes chewing his tobacco and my heart is all a-flutter, because he is sitting right . in. front . of . me! Cute boy then proceeds to spit his chewing tobacco out the window. Well, his window is down.my window is down.and the bus is moving. Guess what happened?

His chew spit flew out his window, into my window, right into my eye! Let me tell you, chew spit in the eye REALLY BURNS! I grab my eye and scream, My eye!! Cute boy turns around to see if Im ok. I squeak out, Yeah, Im fine. Meanwhile my eye is burning out of its socket, and the only thing I can think of is, Cool! Ive got cute boys spit in my eye. Oh yeah!

The next day at the bus stop, I had to face him again. Are you ok? he asked me. Yeah, I said and slink off to my little corner of the bus stop. Meanwhile, Im thinking, this is only opportunity I get to have conversation with cute popular boy is when he spits in my eye? Yeah, well at least I got to touch his spit.


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