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Do Yinze Want Some Icning?

Friday, Jan. 07, 2005 - 11:08 a.m.

Sorry no post yesterday. There was an ice storm up here where I work, and the power was out on campus. (I work at a University.) Let me clarify, the power was out everywhere on campus except our building. So, even though they closed campus, my boss gave us the option, either we could stay at work or go home. Hmmmm….ok, let me think that one over. You mean, I get the choice of either going home, putting on my sweats and watching TV all day, OR I can stay here at work and be productive? That’s a toughie. You’re going to have to give me a few minutes on that one. Guess which one I picked?

So anyway, I figured I could catch up on my blogging at home. No such luck. My internet connection was down all day, until this morning. I was going through withdrawals. I would have been going through some serious withdrawals if I hadn’t switched to satellite TV a few months ago. My internet connection is a cable connection and ALL cable was down until this morning. I wouldn’t have had a computer or TV. I switched to satellite a few months ago, because my cable bills were just getting ridiculous. I would switch my internet connection to DSL in a second, but they don’t offer it where I live. I want to get out of paying the cable company anything. Their prices are just ridiculous.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in Hickville. In Hickville, people have their own vocabulary.

There is the ever popular, “yinze.” People around here use this in place of “you.” How the South has “y’all.” We have “yinze.” For example: “Are yinze going out tonight?”

Secondly, “icning.” My ex mother-in-law used to use this. Instead of “icing,” she would say, “icning.” “Oh, I’m going to lick the icning off of the spoon.”

People around here pronounce, Cheryl like Shirl. I learned my lesson on this when I lived in Chicago. In Chicago, I worked with a Cheryl. I thought I was calling her Cheryl. Apparently, she didn’t like my accent, and the fact that I called her Shirl. One day, she proceeded to tell me, “My name is NOT Shirl, it’s Cheryl.” Lesson learned. I always make sure that I pronounce Cheryl properly now. Funny thing is, I now work with a Cheryl, and she pronounces her own name like Shirl.

ETA: Pathetic loser shameless plug...I went from Crawly Amphibian back down to Flippery Fish on the TTLB Ecosystem. If you like my blog, and want to exchange links, let me know. I have a burning need to be in the cool group!


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