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Um...Sorry to Disturb You

Friday, Jan. 07, 2005 - 7:43 p.m.

I came home from work this afternoon to an interesting little scene. My babysitter was resting FUCKING ASLEEP on the couch!

Now to get into my house, I first had to drive into my driveway and lock my car, which when I do, makes that beeping noise. You think maybe she would have woken up at that point, but no. I then have to walk into my back door, lock it and shut it, then go through another door (that has a freaking COW BELL on it), shut it, walk through the kitchen, then wash my hands. Anyone home? After I wash my hands, I walk into the living room. Hello? Hello? I notice that the house smells like poop. I donít see anyone.

OK, Iím getting a little worried. Wait, thereís Little T crawling over to me with masking tape stuck to her pants and masking tape in her mouth.

ďWhat do you have in your mouth?Ē I ask Little T.

At this point, my babysitter decides to wake up from her little nap on the couch. ďI thought she was asleep on the floor,Ē the babysitter says.

I check Little Tís diaper and it is full of poop. How long does a diaper have to be poopy for it to stink up the entire house? I change her diaper and glance over into my office. All of my papers and videos are spread out all over the floor, along with an empty soda can from the garbage, among some other garbage.

ďWhat happened in here?Ē I ask. The babysitter tells me that it was from the cat. He was just going crazy today. Um, unless the cat grew thumbs, I donít think he can take videos out of their boxes and pull soda cans out of the garbage.

So, now I donít know what to do. The babysitter is a friend of the family. Her mother is Little Tís Godmother. Iíve never seen her behave like this before. Either this is a fluke, or this is the first time I caught her. I donít pay her to lie around on the couch all day. Little T is at the age where she gets into everything. It takes one time of her putting something into her mouth she isnít supposed to. Iím so upset tonight; I donít know what to do. Any suggestions?


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