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Babysitting Saga, Part 2

Monday, Jan. 10, 2005 - 11:20 a.m.

Hereís an update to my babysitter saga. Sunday night Boyfriend T called the babysitter (Iíll call her Amanda) to get her side of the story. Boyfriend T is much more diplomatic than me and much better at confrontation. However, apparently, earlier in the day, Boyfriend Tís mother called Amanda to tell her that we were going to call to find out what went on Friday. I donít know why Boyfriend Tís mother decided to call her, and I still havenít talked to T to find out what Amanda said to his mother. As I mentioned, Amanda is a friend of the family and her mother is good friends with Tís mother. I donít know if this is why she called, but Iím still not too happy about it.

Since getting the call earlier in the day, Amanda had fair warning that T was going to be calling and had plenty of time to make up a story as to what went on. Iím getting two different stories from her, and I donít know if either of them are the truth.

This is what Amanda said Sunday night: she said that Little T and her were playing Peek-a-boo. That is why I didnít see Amanda on the couch. She was laying down playing Peek-a-boo with Little T. Amanda knew that Little T had pooped, but didnít change her, because they were playing. She was going to change her later. Yes, she knew the office was torn up, and was going to clean it up after they were done playing.

Even as Iím typing this, I donít buy it. First, the entire house smelled like poop. Unless this girl has no common sense, stop playing and change the freaking diaper. Secondly, how long was she hiding under the blanket? Obviously, long enough for Little T to get into the videos and papers in the office, because she was eating tape when I came home.

Third, I came home at my normal time. I wasnít early. Again, if you had any sense, wouldnít you change the babyís diaper and clean up the mess in the office before the mom got home?

The story I got Friday afternoon was: Amanda thought Little T was asleep on the floor. She didnít know she was in the office, and that the cat was the one who messed up the office.

Iím not buying either story, and Iím still very uneasy about leaving her home with Little T. Weíre considering getting a nanny cam, but I donít know if I want to be that extreme. Also, I donít know if getting another babysitter is the answer. Is having a total stranger in my house going to solve the problem?

I guess my only option is to stay at home. Please donate to Kimiís Stay at Home Fund at Paypal. Thanks!


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